Where is the Heart of Stockport?

At the moment – sadly but honestly – the train station


Where the Mersey meets the river Goyt


Cheadle – the bit where John Lewis is


Heaton Moor – shops and green spaces, a cinema soon to be reopened, and the countryside nearby


The hat museum – an icon for anyone travelling by train. Pyramid to one side, Hat Museum to the other.

That pyramid…

a strangely futuristic structure. You’ve only just left the city of the big shoulders, when you’re confronted with this plate-glass temple…

You can see this town’s heart from the train

approach the viaduct, and the landscape unfolds – old and new buildings each side of the track; different levels of town centre and suburbs; the beautiful surrounding hills.

This is serious!

The heart is in Reddish Vale Country Park. A breath between Bridlington & Reddish. Shy roe deer; the river; families feeding the ducks on reclaimed reservoirs; the tangle of bushes and trees.

The heart?

The heart of a place is its people!

This piece is constructed from thoughts collected on the blog, twitter and Facebook. With thanks to: @WildWrites; @RGoughThomas; @networknicola; Matthew Jackson; MissFitz; Judith McGarty; Anne Butler and Gill Hunter for their contributions.


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