Vintage Village



They come here for the colour, for the buzz, for the music, for the chance of getting something they’ve been looking for for years, or something they didn’t know they wanted – plucked from the past, polished up and laid out. They come here for the touch of times gone, for the bunting hung amongst the glass and steel, for the stories of bottles dug out of the ground, tea cups rescued from attics, dresses rediscovered, necklaces once lost. They come here to search, to dawdle, to chat, to choose something to make new again.

Inspired by a visit to Stockport Market’s July Vintage Village


3 thoughts on “Vintage Village

  1. We come because it’s the best place to be. We’ve made many new friends and lose ourselves in bygone times for a few hours every month. We LOVE IT


  2. I’ve been coming for over 4 1/2 year, in that time I’ve made lots of new friends, met lots of new customers, met loads of lovers of anything and everything vintage. My children are growing up with a love and respect of items which are vintage which has been pre-loved and its a place where I am happy to let them wander on their own, this is a highlight of the month for us Wayne All Our Yesterdays


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