New poems by Linda Cosgriff

Linda has come to not one, not two, but three of the Unpicked:Restitched writing workshops! Here are two of the poems she created, the first from the workshop with Write out Loud at the Art Gallery; the second from the workshop at Central Library.


Rage on the River Bank

Angry walk.

Birds and blossom colour the mood –

black loathing to red cheer.


The crunch of dried faeces.

The fracture of old gravel.

Sunshine laughs on green delight.


Water traffic: a shopping trolley;

a plastic bag; a family of ducks.

Yellow day.


Where the Children Go

Inspired by Alexandra Park Primary


I’m weary, worn, grubby.

One day I’ll be razed.

Where will the children go?


So many children: running, laughing,

screaming, crying, fighting, swearing,

hating, loving, hoping.


Marking my bricks: my old bricks; my dull bricks;

my dark bricks.  So many feet; so many faces.

Faces change.  To them I’m new, I’m strange,


I’m familiar, I’m past.  Now, they pass me

on the way to other lives.  I stink of sweat,

of puke, of fun, of joy, of fear.  Of lunch.


I’m empty.  I’m full.  I’m old – neglected,

touched-up, experienced.  I’m hated.  I’m loved.

I’m fondly recalled.  I’m where the children go.


I’m school.


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