Poetry ‘found’ from post-it notes at The Hat Works


At a recent workshop at Stockport’s Hat Works, members of Stockport Writers explored the museum and collected text and observations, which the group then made into ‘found’ poems. Here are two great examples:

So big and barmy,
Everybody wore them.
Hats, hats, hats, hats, hats.

Red Indian head-dress and catwalk fashion,
Furry hats for weddings and Ladies Day,
Great leather, green feather,
Buttons and trim.

The Mad Hatter at the Hat Works
Felting sulphuric acid
Since 1604.

by Elaine Peters



A hat for all reasons,
the power to serve and destroy.
Making headway,
who will you be today?

Silent shaped wood,
a worn wooden desk.
A matter of respectability,
to all and singular.

A hat full of stories,
power and status.
Poignant experience,
none have survived.

One room to live in,
wire mesh over a window.
Dressing up mirror,
hat boxes.

by Lou Baxter


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