New work from writing workshop at Arc

We had a great workshop at Arc on 15th July, working with a talented bunch of participants, some of whom have work featured in Arc’s current exhibition, Place, Space and Memory.

Below is a slideshow of some of the writing created during the workshop, and below that, a couple of pieces I’ve typed up. Enjoy!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The air here is fresh and alive, the aniseed leaves smell sweet and spicy. The birds rock while the wind is blowing through the trees, blue sky peeps through the clouds. It is fresh and alive, geese are flying, the leaves blink like gold eyes, the grass reflects the sun in a happy haze, honking geese flap madly in peaceful safe surroundings, the singing sky is full of flight, the trees shield me, the water is flowing, the wind is too.
by Susie
Alexandra Park
The ball bouncing towards the calm children playing with the dogs walking and the ducks quacking, flowers smelling on the green grass made ever greener by the grey rain, which may or may not help with serenity – better in aiding that are the trees which you can climb to find energy.
by Lucia


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