Working on new collaborative pieces

Julie and I spent two days at Arc recently, working on designs for four new textile pieces, responding to and interpreting a selection of my texts.


Text for pieces 1 & 2:

Night-time, in this unslept-in town. Skateboarders in the square, repeating themselves across the paving slabs. A handful of drinkers, hunched over quiet pints. A woman grinding her cigarette underfoot. Streetlights cast their yellow haze across empty streets. And in the car park, amongst the concrete pillars and fluorescent lights, the car-mods come, show off their latest trick, admire the tuning of another’s engine, the flash of silver alloys.

Texts for pieces 3 & 4:

It buries its past in its street names: Lottery Street, Mealhouse Brow, Loonies Court – and the memory of its people marked on its tunnel walls.

There are two maps, one atop the other. Twisting streets and steep hills undercut with a right-angled order. A town like this needs power, and shelter; would rather burrow into rich red sediment than reach up into thin air.


It was fascinating to see how Julie thought about light, shape, colour, repetition and scale in relation to the texts. We had lots of fun choosing fonts, printing onto cotton and organza, and handwriting with Inktense pencils. I can’t wait to see the final results!



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