Collaborative large pieces

DSC_0010 (1)

Left: St Mary’s in the Marketplace           Right: Arts for Recovery

Collaborative pieces are made with applique, reverse applique, digital fabric printing and stitch are are 80cm wide and 250cm in length.



Detail from the mixed media textile piece ‘Memory’ that includes the words by Sarah Butler:

It buries its past in its street names: Lottery Street, Mealhouse Brow, Loonies Court – and the memory of its people marked on its tunnel walls.


Arc finished pieces

The collaborative piece by participants at the Arc workshops has been stitched together into one long piece that is 2.5 metres long and has work by 12 participants.

Here is work that responds to the question ‘Stockport is…..?’  by three participants, Lynne, Mima and Anita.







Second Night-time piece


Some of the close up detail from the second textile piece interpreting from the ‘Stockport at Night’ by Sarah including the lines:

Streetlights cast their yellow haze across empty streets. And in the car park, amongst the concrete pillars and fluorescent lights, the car-mods come, show off their latest trick, admire the tuning of another’s engine, the flash of silver alloys.

Unslept-in town


I have been working on a pair of mixed media textile pieces about the ‘Stockport at Night’ writing that Sarah produced. Sarah showed me sections of Stockport that the writing related to on Google Earth and I have scaled these up from some of the screen shots.  Here are a few close up photos of detail on the first one which includes the writing :

Night-time, in this unslept-in town. Skateboarders in the square, repeating themselves across the paving slabs. A handful of drinkers, hunched over quiet pints. A woman grinding her cigarette underfoot.