Collaborative large pieces

DSC_0010 (1)

Left: St Mary’s in the Marketplace           Right: Arts for Recovery

Collaborative pieces are made with applique, reverse applique, digital fabric printing and stitch are are 80cm wide and 250cm in length.


Stockport Art Gallery Exhibition

An exhibition of writing by Sarah Butler, participants’ writing, stitching by Julie Mosley, participants’ stitching was displayed at Stockport  Art Gallery from 20th  February to 22nd March 2016.

Arc finished pieces

The collaborative piece by participants at the Arc workshops has been stitched together into one long piece that is 2.5 metres long and has work by 12 participants.

Here is work that responds to the question ‘Stockport is…..?’  by three participants, Lynne, Mima and Anita.







St Mary’s in the Marketplace finished pieces


Inspired by ‘Dismantling the Viaduct ‘- David Keyworth. Stitched by Anne Butler


Written during a workshop at Stockport Hat works by Elaine Peter. Stitched by Eileen Bell


Maggie Waker wrote this poem ‘My heart has an extra chamber’ and also attended the textile workshops to interpret her work in stitch.

All work is 75cm x 23 cm, we should have 11 of these pieces to stitch together to make one long piece to be exhibited.

Arc stitched words

Participants at Arc have been interpreting some of the written ‘Stockport is……’ sentences in stitch to contribute to their large textile piece. They are producing different words using  varied textile techniques, here are some photos of the reverse applique work so far.

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