Where is the heart of Stockport?

Where is the heart of Stockport?

It might be a building, a park, a tree, a person – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please leave a comment below and Sarah will create a new piece of writing inspired by your answer.


11 thoughts on “Where is the heart of Stockport?

  1. This is serious! The home of Stockport for me is Cheadle – the bit where John Lewis is! I love it! No trouble parking, everything you need and on top of all that a lovely restaurant serving coffe and a cake – for free! Now that beats Stockport town centre for sure. There’s another place too – Hearon Moor – local shops and even a cinema soon to be reopened. Loads of green spaces to take the grandson. Love it! Xx


  2. I think that the heart is in Reddish Vale Country Park. With the shy roe deer, the river, the families feeding the ducks on reclaimed reservoirs, the tangle of bushes and trees. It is a great green breath between Bridlington & Reddish.


  3. For me the heart of Stockport can be seen on a train heading in from Manchester. As you approach the viaduct the whole of the landscape unfolds as a panorama.- the old and new buildings on each side of the track, the different levels of town centre and near suburbs, varieties of transport and then the beautiful surrounding hills signalling the close proximity of the countryside.


  4. For me Heaton Moor is the heart of Stockport – it has everything; good range of shops and green spaces. It’s closeness to the countryside is also an advantage.
    It’s a shame its centre has lost so many old buildings but the market is reviving!


  5. This all depends transport when you are flying into Manchester Airport its the pyramid which is distinctive. From the movie A Taste of Honey its Larkhill road area Edgeley and then theres Cheadle which covered Handforth, Cheadle and a large part of Stockport. For me its were I live Long Lane Cheadle which as been a community for over 300 years


  6. The heart? Right where the Tame, the Goyt and the Mersey meet. It’s an oddly forgotten about area…but (i think anyway) …steeped in history and stories, memory and recollections, echoes and half remembered times.


  7. I think it’s parks and gardens are the heart of Stockport. Places for everyone to have fun and let off steam or walk in the quiet tranquility of shady woodlands. Places of historical interest can also be visited like the Tudor Manor House in my neighbourhood park. Feast your eyes on wonderful floral displays and wildlife. Places for all the people of Stockport to refresh body, mind and spirit.


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